Mercedes Sprinter Rental

In case you’re looking for an extravagance van rental, look no farther than our armada of Sprinter vans. The top of the line Mercedes notoriety doesn’t disillusion. Our Bench model is comfortable ride for up to 12 travelers. It’s an ideal vehicle to intrigue your companions, partners, or customers. Pleasantries to the different models may include: leaning back business-class seats for travelers, a crease down table, a 23-inch LCD screen, a huge 165 cubic foot payload hold, Wi-Fi, web, DVD playback, cowhide seats… the rundown is nearly as extra as the lease for a loft! Travel off the network and into the wild in style with a solid uniquely designed across the board camper van from Outside Van.

With the amazing Mercedes Sprinter, facilitating the capacity to house numerous people on a cross-country outing through America’s winding rustic streets. Sign us up, it would be ideal if you Valhalla, envisioned here, is only one of numerous prospects you can get past Outside Van. It includes a sun powered bundle to eliminate gas and battery utilization, LED light bars, a tire move up to get you through that intense territory, an OSV Surf/SUP rooftop rack, and a shade outwardly to begin.


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