Convocation Celebration

Convocation marks the top of a big period of a young adult’s life, and therefore the beginning of a replacement in the Katy area. Celebrating your high school, college, or grad school achievements by sharing the experience with family and friends will make it truly unforgettable.

With after parties lasting way into the late nights reserving a vehicle with an experienced chauffeur gives parents peace of mind. Taking safety very seriously, the Advantage of KABCS Services minimizes the danger of young adults driving under the influence and ensures your kids are returned home safe and on time.

Scheduling the stops and customizing the decorations of your ride can all be done supported your needs. counting on how you would like to start out the night, the KABC can pick you up first then still multiple locations in order that a bigger group can join the party. Taking a limo will guarantee that everybody will arrive in pristine condition as you all make the grand entrance.


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Katy Area Black chauffeur services are available daily, weekly and monthly basis. Our Company is maintain the highest standard of safety for our customers at all time. Moreover, we offer a large range of vehicles, and luxurious sedans to moderns family and vans for groups to suit your needs.